How To Make BIG Profits From Your Own Small Events
Discover The Fastest Way To Fill Your Own High-End High End Mentoring, Mastermind, Consulting and High Value Programs and Get A Year’s Worth of CLIENTS + INCOME In a Weekend!
Dear Small Business Owner and Highly Driven Entrepreneur,

One thing never changes: In business, your number one job is to get in front of as many people as you can.

As entrepreneurs & business owners, we do that through endless online marketing, social media, paid advertising, blogging, and a variety of other methods. It's exhausting and it's still hit and miss.

But the biggest thing those methods all lack is the one thing that only live events can do...

Create a Personal Connection With Your Market
Let's face it - there's a certain disconnect that is unavoidable when you operate your business primarily online. People don't often have a chance to meet you in person. They don't hear you speak. They only see your "official" headshot.

All that means is now you have to work even harder so your potential customers can get to know you. Sure, you can (and should) use video or maybe start a podcast, but even those are no substitution for a face-to-face meeting.  But who has time to run around with one-on-one meetings that waste time and suck your energy from you?!  The instant authority status you earn as a live event host is incredible, you can quickly see how powerful this can be for you.

The fact is, there's nothing like a live event to ...
Fill Your Own High End Mentoring, Mastermind, Consulting and High Value Programs While Serving Your Clients Powerfully
If you struggle with consistent, predictable income and feel confused, overwhelmed or constantly looking for ways to find clients then worry again about serving them, there is a solution … 

The fastest way to secure a year’s worth of amazing clients & income is to host your own highly profitable, high value events that fill your high-end consulting, mentorship, mastermind, or high value programs at the same time.  

Now you can create 6 figure paydays with your own workshops & small events..

You do NOT need an email list, a marketing budget or have any idea how to even host your first event or increase profits from your current event ... 

An event can be a low cost, low tech gathering anywhere - it’s up to YOU!

With the Small Event Mastery™ System, we’re going to show you a proven system for how you can use simple, low-cost small events, workshops and retreats to consistently fill your high end programs and services with awesome, high-paying clients.
6 LIVE Group Training and Q&A Calls With Kelly
Includes THREE MONTHS of Coaching!  Each laser focused live call moves you closer to your goals in our proven system for how to host and profit from small events. Designed to accelerate your learning, these Live QA calls give you custom support by Kelly for you to keep the momentum going, brainstorm your event name, ask questions about your event agenda, offer & content and get support in applying the system to your specific business.ideal clients, and more!
LIFETIME ACCESS to the Complete Small Event Mastery™ System!
The system includes 8 Comprehensive Modules of Online Training To Set You Up For Event Success.  You'll have on-demand access to detailed lessons, specific worksheets, PDFs, scripts, spreadsheets and templates, contracts, and marketing emails we use at our own events so you can apply this system to your business for years to come and accelerate your profitable business now.
INCREDIBLE BONUSES: Your Own Event Sales Page and Emails To Host Your Event Today
These high value bonuses contains my exact event sales pages (like this one) and emails I use for my own events and it's yours to fill your own small event.  You'll access the exact 3-day event template Kelly uses to create her own content-rich events now available as a fill-in-the-blanks online tool along with Fillable Budget Tracking Spreadsheets, Room layouts and more.

"After over 2,000 of my own events I’m excited to show you how to fill  your programs, services and masterminds by easily leading your own simple, small, highly profitable live events! So proud of even new people achieving Big profits & BIG results with their first live events!"  Kelly Fidel

Learn my EXACT formula to hold your own highly profitable, content-rich small events.  This is the fastest way to fill your own High End Consulting, Mastermind, Mentorship and High Value Programs and Get A Year’s Worth of CLIENTS + INCOME In a Weekend!
What You'll Learn In The Program Modules

Module 1: The Small Event Mastery Model™

Types of Events & How to Choose the Right Experience for Your Clients
  •  Unlock the BEST High End Event Strategies and choose the profitable event model that is best for you!  A high value 1, 2 or 3-day event, workshop, virtual seminar are easier than you think - and accelerate your impact and profits! 
  •  The exact structure, event goals, purpose and plan to create your event by design.  Know how to achieve a sold out event with high value content & marketing that gets you (and attendees) results!  You'll learn speaking structures, live event types, how to create a high end experience that converts attendees to clients without any expense up front and more! 
  •  The highest converting formats, agendas and event patterns (days and times of the week), the ideal attendee count, themes, experiences to be remembered without any cash outlay.  We'll also discuss sponsors, venues and negotiations.

Module 2: Your Elegant Event Promise

The Why of Your Event + Planning Your Stress-Free, Hassle-Free Live Event
  •  How to communicate YOUR brilliance and the unique transformation you provide.  By creating your “Elegant Event Promise” you position your yourself for success.  Unlock how and when to market your event, the importance of naming and the Rule of 3.  Create excitement so your ideal clients are excited to attend your event and ready to invest.
  •  Discover how to build a powerful, content-rich experience so attendees gain instant value from your insights and are excited to refer their tribe to attend your next one. The best part, they are eager to work with you after the event is over. 
  •  How topic selection and 1 secret strategy can lead to a sold out event.  Get the specific formula for in-demand topics that grabs attention so your ideal clients can't wait to attend.

Module 3: Craft Your High End Offer

Structure Your Event To Powerfully Fill Your Mastermind or Mentorship Program 
  •  How to customize your event offer that leads to increased clients and profits with a leverage time structure for your mastermind, mentorship, coaching or consulting programs. This invitation extends the results & transformation your attendees are already experiencing just by being at your event.
  •  Know EXACTLY what to say when making your offer from stage.  I’ll break down EXACTLY what to say, how to set it up, and when to offer your amazing program to your audience.  This simple step-by-step offer formula includes exactly what you MUST cover to successfully enroll grateful high-end clients — and what you must never do — so it takes all the guesswork out of it.
  •  Plus, get the exact details you need to do before and after you make your offer to give your ideal clients what they need to say YES on-the-spot!  How to transition with elegance while creating a sales frenzy.

Module 4: Event Essentials & Hidden Rewards

Savvy Planning So You Finish Strong, Profitable and Stress-Free
  •  Power Perks & Hidden Host Rewards.  Everything from double rewards points, luxury spa treatments, massive (free) concessions, VIP suites and complimentary amenities! Know the questions to ask - then reap the rewards
  •  How to secure your room or meeting space and negotiate like a boss so you’re not coming out of pocket for your first small event. The little known secret to ask for and get your room for free!  Venue negotiations are key - I'll tell you the secrets.
  •  Checklists and worksheets cover everything for your small (or large) event, and to stay on track, on budget for a profitable event with our customizable event planning system.
  •  Why hiring outside help will actually SAVE you money in the long run – don’t be one of the stressed-out event hosts who misses this important point. Make a mistake here and your event could turn out to be a catastrophe!

Module 5: Fill Seats for Your Live Event

Marketing Strategies to Sell Tickets & Fill Seats for Your Sold Out Event
  •   How to get the word out and fill those seats. Everything you need to ensure a standing-room-only event with the right attendees.  Sell out your events in advance AND map it all out to stay on track with the “The Event Profits Playbook” that works for live or virtual events.
  •  Learn Kelly’s step-by-step plan on how to market your small events so they are filled with your ideal clients — even if you have NO email list, NO online marketing funnel, and NO budget.  Learn when to start marketing, what strategies to use, time saving shortcuts and so much more. Plus, what marketing activities you should never waste your time or money on.
  •  How to partner with strategic sponsors who fill your small events for you. Kelly will show you her insider secrets for one of the smartest shortcuts to small events and how "centers of influence" and companies will fill your small event for you (for free) and you can even use their training facilities at no cost.
  •  What costly mistakes and train-wreck moments to avoid so everyone walks away excited  — ready to do it again!

Module 6: The Stick Strategies to Cash

Stealth “Stick” Strategies To Ensure Registered Participants Show Up 
  • Learn the best "stick" strategies we use to make sure your guests show up ready to learn and invest in themselves. Take our strategies you can use in your business including pre-event bonuses, diminishing offers, welcome emails, live phone calls, physical packages and much more.
  •  The secrets to creating an amazing experience for your ideal clients so they not only rave about it - they promote you for free and want to continue with you even after the event is over.  The single sentence that creates INSTANT rapport with any audience so they are wanting more and buy from you in that moment.
  •  DFY "Copy and Paste" social media posts to promote your program, plus "done for you" blog posts and newsletter articles and more. 

Module 7: Live Event Income Streams

How to Make Money Before, During, and After Your Event

  •  Multiple income streams are yours ... maximize your time and your sales during your event.  You'll get the exact structure for your event agenda,  peak flows, speakers, fireside chats, success panels and much more. Also, how to create desire for your offer throughout your event (without feeling salesy) and the audience will ask you for more!
  •  What you should and absolutely should NOT offer at your events. This is the BIGGEST mistake I see and I see it made at almost every event I attend. Worst yet, if you do this, it will cost you thousands!  Some events will make zero sales from this fatal mistake.
  •  Learn ALL of my strategies and how to make money before your event, during the actual event and after the event is over.  You’ll walk away knowing EXACTLY how to structure and time your event along with your sales and promotions for maximum profits!
  •  Harness the power of "cadence" and creating a sales frenzy before you make an offer taking them from curious to serious to SOLD in 45 minutes or less. (I'll show you exactly how I make 6 - 7 figures every time I speak with this proven outline and talk structure).

Module 8:   Post Event Cash Conversion

The Untapped Goldmine: How To Add 6-figures AFTER your event is over
  •  Are you ready to add 6-figures AFTER your event? I’ll show you 2 of the exact strategies I use to monetize my event and impact more lives after the event is over. Most event hosts leave thousands of dollars on the table, not realizing the BIG opportunity or stopping short of what’s possible.  The event is over yet sales can keep flowing (after glowing), they don’t have to stop just because the event is over. 
  •  Your clients who joined you live will still learn, grow and scale with you. What about those that didn't take the leap or weren't able to attend?  Maybe they feel they missed the boat, here’s their second chance! One of my favorite examples of post event monetization that’s super easy is to take a small segment and share it as a teaching moment with a call to action via virtual stream.
  •  PLUS, you’ll also get access to Kelly’s One Call Close™.  Discover how to have quick 18 minute conversation with our sales conversation framework fill your high end programs!

Jennie Roberts
CEO, Valkyrie Athletics

"At my first certification workshop with 17 people I had fun and the attendees loved it. My offer was clear and easy with Kelly's expertise - $80,000 at my first event. Incredible" 

I had never done a live event before and was told I needed to have months to prepare, a big marketing budget, the perfect list and lots of ideal clients in a room to make money.  It took me 2 years to finally decide to host my event, Small Event Mastery and Kelly were the difference makers! 

I generated over $80k sales in 2 Days at my first event with only 17 attendees that turned into clients! 

And I didn’t have a big marketing budget or list, and I only had a small group of people. What I did have was a clear vision with Kelly’s proven system that helped me create success."
YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $2,997 $1,997 $797
Join Today For 3 Easy Payments of $297 --OR-- 
Plus you'll get these

Bonus #1: The Event Profits Playbook

The Event Profits Playbook ($2,497 Value) Just imagine the time you'll save and the incredible value of having an entire swipe file of real-life marketing examples — directly from Kelly that she uses for every event — right in your hands!

In this 50+ page Small Event Marketing Playbook, we’ve combined best practices directly from Kelly's successful live events and workshops, so you can see exactly how to create, promote and sell at your own events. Simply model these samples to customize for your own live events and workshops… and be ready for your next profitable event! Also included for you inside are checklists, profit calculators, action guides and more!

Bonus #2: Sold Out Events Toolkit

The Sold Out Events Toolbox ($1,897 Value) contains the exact strategies, templates, calculators and spreadsheets I use and it's yours for filling your live event so you're sold out in advance.  

This timeline and marketing template helps you “fill those seats” plus establish your timelines and marketing plan for each group of people you plan to invite. The Sold Out Events framework comes with marketing campaigns complete with templates and examples.

Bonus #3: The Works

Live Event Marketing Timeline ($497 Value)
The exact 3-day event template used by Kelly to create her own content-rich events now available as a fill-in-the-blanks online tool! Tracking your event is easy with fillable budget trackers and calculators, meal planners and more.  The perfect tool to help you keep your event costs low and maximize profits.

The Ultimate VIP Retreat ($1,000 Value)
Create your own VIP Retreats for a one day exclusive experience or a longer VIP retreat.  Everything that you need to create, structure and price your VIP weekends is waiting here just for you!
YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $2,997 $1,997 $797
Join Today For 3 Easy Payments of $297 --OR-- 
Just 1 Payment of $797 (SAVE $1,200 - Normally $1,997!)
Save up to $1,200 on The Small Event Mastery System when you buy today!
September 20-22, 2019 in Newport Beach, CA
Your Ticket is Included For You...
Access your General Registration to NO GLASS CEILING® LIVE in Southern California September 20-22, 2019 ($2,000 value) 

Join highly driven entrepreneurs, business owners and thought leaders as we shatter old beliefs and excuses to breakthrough invisible barriers … unlocking the world you’ve only been dreaming of … until NOW! 

 Growing and leveraging a success business is 90% mental. The next level is waiting for you as you shift your mindset and break through beliefs that are holding you back and throttling your revenues to a slower pace than you desire.  This event is designed to give you sales and marketing strategies to attract high-end clients again and again. 

This package is normally sold for $1,997. When you buy today, you'll save up to 60% on The Small Event Mastery System and receive over $21,989 in incredible bonuses.

Alexis Logan 
Founder, Soul Success 

"During my first very small event with only 4 people, 2 people bought my $18,000 program. The format was simple, love it" 

It was my very first small event and I reached out to people I knew.  Within a couple of weeks I have 5 attendees, but on the day of my 1 day workshop one person didn't show up.  I follow the Small Event Mastery system and Kelly's advise.  

I follow up with the 4 attendees by phone and closed $36,000 in 1 Day at my first event with only 4 people! 

It doesn't matter how many people are in the room, as long as they're the right ones!"

Steve Hedden, CPA, CGMA 
Founder, High Profit Business

"Held my FIRST 2 Day event within 30 days of working with Kelly, I had only 5 people attend and closed $100,000"

I'm a CPA and never hosted my own event. I had no idea what type of content or offer to provide. Within 30 days, Kelly helped me craft my event structure, program and offer.  I help small businesses find MORE PROFIT in their business that are hiding in plain sight … without adding any new clients!

Kelly is amazing, I made the offer for the first time & had a 6 figure payday. 

Kelly’s expertise will shave years off your learning curve and her small event system helped me and so many others have a big cash infused weekend."
Let's Recap on Everything You'll Get:
* You’ll receive an email with your log-in and INSTANT access to the easy to use, online program including:
  • The Small Event Mastery System ($2,997 Value) Training Videos, Worksheets, Budget Calculators, Offer Formula, Pre & Post Event Monetization systems, Email Sequences, Sample agreements and more
  •  Lifetime Access to the Small Event Mastery Platform with updates ($3,997 Value)
  •  Bonus #1: Monthly Live Business Accelerator Calls + mp3 Recordings (for 3 months)  ($6,000 Value)
  •  Bonus #2: The Event Profits Playbook ($2,497 Value)
  •  Bonus #3: Sold Out Events Toolkit ($1,897 Value)
  •  Bonus #4: The Works ($1,497 Value)
  •  Bonus #5:  VIP Registration to No Glass Ceiling® LIVE in Southern California (valued over $2,000) 
YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $2,997 $1,997 $797
Join Today For 3 Easy Payments of $297 --OR-- 
Just 1 Payment of $797 (SAVE $1,000 - Normally $1,997!)
Save up to $1,200 on The Small Event Mastery System when you buy today!

Backed By Our Promise To You...
14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

“As ​a​​​n​ ​entrepreneur who started my own business ​by investing in training programs, I know it's important to be mindful of every ​dollar spent.​ That's why I am committed to you achieving results with ​Small Event Mastery and why it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. ​ ​If you do the course work and honestly feel you didn't get any value from the experience, please write us within 14 days of your purchase for a full refund.”

Jennie Roberts
CEO, Valkyrie Athletics
"At my first certification workshop with 17 people I had fun and the attendees loved it. My offer was clear and easy with Kelly's expertise - $80,000 at my first event. Incredible" 
Steve Hedden 
Founder, High Profit Business
''I'm a CPA and never hosted my own event. I had no idea what type of content or offer to provide. Kelly is amazing, I made the offer for the first time & had a 6 figure payday."
Alexis Logan 
Founder, Soul Success 
"During my first very small event with only 4 people, 2 people bought my $18,000 program. The format was simple, love it" 
Frequently Asked Questions With Answers from Kelly
A:  Not at all ... Small Event Mastery™ works great for entrepreneurs who have clarity on the product or service they offer, whether it’s small business consulting, fitness training, professional services, consulting and more. 

With small events and workshops, we help you quickly figure out exactly what you’re going to offer, how you’re going to talk about it, and how you’re going to differentiate yourself. 

In fact, our clients often tell us that the feedback and insights they glean from small events and workshops completely transforms their business and marketing strategy.

A: Hands down, having an event is the best, leveraged way to sell high-end coaching, mastermind or mentoring programs. Using the typical online launch formula, an email string, social media campaign or webinars are all sub-optimal when it comes to filling a high-end program. 

Remember, an event can be a small, intimate gathering and the benefits FAR outweigh the risks (if you know how to do an event right, which is why Small Event Mastery™ was designed). 

Even more than that, your high-end coaching, mastermind or mentoring programs are FILLED, so you can focus your energy on serving these amazing, committed clients at the highest level. No more prospecting! That’s what having an event can do for you.

A: No pressure, No rush.  The entire course is waiting for you online – RIGHT NOW. 

That means that all of the modules, training videos, and templates will be accessible the minute you log in to your members area.

There is a “LIVE” component to the training – 7 LIVE training calls with me to get your questions answered. All calls are recorded and you can submit your questions ahead of time. 
A: Not to worry. You do not need an email list and if you do have one, even if it's very small that's perfectly fine. I’m going to show you some proven simple strategies that you can use to fill your small event or workshop — with NO email list, NO online marketing funnel, and NO marketing budget.

That means you can stop searching for prospects that wastes time. Now you can create a big income injection with this system.

A:  I understand, as a serial entrepreneur running 2 large enterprises and a mom of two amazing boys it gets crazy!  

I was suffocating in one-on-one clients with no time for myself, my family and my business.  The joy had begun to disappear and I wanted to serve more clients while having a LIFEstyle that was mine. 

Now I get to serve clients I love in a way that serves both them and me. Small Event Mastery is the EXACT system I use every year that generates millions of dollars into our company.  

So the cold, hard truth is… you DO have time. Everyone has the same amount of time. And the ONE thing you MUST do is make time for your business. And the program includes online training, LIVE coaching calls with me and lots of incredible resources like templates, email sequences, contracts and more to support your event creation and learning. 

And if you redirect even just a couple of hours each week instead of trying to “figure it out,” you will have more time to go "All In" with what you are learning in Small Event Mastery™.

A: Don’t worry. While I highly encourage you to take time out for you and your business to attend the in-person training, the online course is complete without it. 

What I can also tell you is that No Glass Ceiling LIVE is worth moving a few things around on your schedule to be there. 

We hear over and over again from our event attendees that they learn more from us by lunchtime on Day 1, than they do spending three full days at other events. And, they are blown away by the caliber of attendees at our events and in our community.

While attending my live training is not mandatory, and the course is more than complete without it, I do hope I will see you in my home town of Newport Beach so we can connect live and bring your learning to life.
YOURS TODAY FOR ONLY $2,997 $1,997 $797
Join Today For 3 Easy Payments of $297 --OR-- Just 1 Payment of $797 (SAVE $1,200 - Normally $1,997!)
Save up to $1,200 on The Small Event Mastery System when you buy today!
Meet CEO and Founder of No Glass Ceiling® 
As CEO and founder of No Glass Ceiling®, Kelly Fidel is an award winning global thought leader in helping CEOs of small businesses, highly driven entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals to land higher paying clients and learn the power of automation through her proprietary Sales Edge Selling System™ for predictable growth, revenue and scale. (without compromising the lifestyle you love)

Kelly has personally closed over a billion dollars in sales via face to face selling and live events. She began her sales mastery at the age of 9. Raised by a single mother and very little money, she sold avocados door-to-door to buy a pair of “Red Ball Jets” tennis shoes. (a woman has got to have her shoes)!

Harnessing more than 20+ years as a powerhouse corporate executive running billion dollar sales divisions, Kelly successfully navigated the world of corporate boardrooms and deal makers; negotiating against some of the most powerful men in the world for the win!
She went on to become an entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with, building several businesses to 7 & 8 figures. Along the way, Kelly saw too many women and cool men struggle in sales, business and attempting to create a lifestyle as their REAL dreams, hopes and desires became a faded memory. 

In just two short years of launching No Glass Ceiling®, Kelly went from startup to among the top 1% of women business owners nationwide. She has built a global community of thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners worldwide, and has personally trained and mentored more than 106,000 entrepreneurs, sales professionals, start-ups and self-employed professionals across 70+ countries.

Her groundbreaking global No Glass Ceiling® Women's Conference has brought entrepreneurs together from around the world along with major brands such as MGM Grand, Zappo's, California Bank & Trust, Ms. America, NFL and many more, to help them shatter their glass ceiling and raise the bar.

Committed to create a difference for all entrepreneurs and business owners, she has taken her own "insider secrets" and billion dollar sales strategies to create a “level playing field” for entrepreneurs to profit wildly. Kelly candidly shares what works, what doesn’t and how to harness lucrative NEW Profit Channels to PLAY A BIGGER GAME & PROFIT WILDLY! 

A California native and die-hard football mom #GridironGirl, today she lives near Laguna Beach, CA with her husband of 25 years, and is proud of her 2 grown boys (ages 23 & 19) and their own wild success.
This incredible sale is expiring very soon.
Hope to see you on the inside!
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